The future of Cape Cod is in your hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Problem

The problem is the widening trend of younger professionals leaving Cape Cod. This trend creates an imbalance in the fabric of the community that will be detrimental for future generations.

What is the solution?

CCYP is embarking on this project to evolve the conversation of today, to action for tomorrow. CCYP aims to shepherd about a plan that will make Cape Cod as beautiful place to experience as it is to raise a family and grow a business. We believe the solution is not one person, one business, one thing, but a commitment to Cape Cod by Cape Codders.

Why do this now?

Advocating this level of change and commitment takes time. Already, 26 percent of Barnstable County residents from 25 to 54 years old have left Cape Cod. Our schools, our businesses and our communities will not sustain the next 26 percent leaving.

What is the plan?

The first step is to better understand the reasons behind why people are leaving Cape Cod. So, we are conducting a comprehensive survey.

How can I help?

Be a part of the solution! You can engage and connect in many ways. For now, the most important way is to take our survey! Your 15 minute investment of time will pay dividends down the road.

What is CCYP?

CCYP, or Cape Cod Young Professionals, is a non-profit organization with the mission of connecting Cape Cod's emerging leaders, engaging them in the community, and supporting their efforts to advance, personally and professionally.

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